About sellmodified.com

At the moment we're just in Australia, although we're going to be expanding to other countries soon. If you're interested, let us know where your from.

Growing up, we remember weekends spent reading Hot4s, Fast4s, Street Commodores and any car mag we could get our pimply faced hands on. Flipping through looking at the different cars gave us a lot of inspiration for when we were old enough to get our first car.

Originally created as the place to go as an enthusiast to sell your modified car and launced in late 2010, we've since gone through a major rewrite of the site and moved into a new direction. We now want to be the place where you come to get ideas for your next project or if you've already built something, where you can show your hard work off to the world. Of course if you are looking to sell, you can do that too.

We're show and tell for people who love cars, simples.

What can you do on sellmodified.com?
  • Look at some sweet cars
  • Upload your car and show it off to the world
  • List your car for sale
  • Upvote / downvote photos or cars
  • Plus more (with more on the way everyday)